Small Groups

    12.18.18 |

    Don't live life alone!

    Join our small group and grow spiritually with a community of people in the same stage of life as you!

    List of Small Groups

    Beginning Love's Journey

    This small group is designed to support young couples who are trying to balance all of life's responsibilities, often time with children in the home, yet desire a dynamic relationship. This group meets 1st Sunday of each month from 6-8pm in the Love's Journey Room.

    Contacts: Greg & Bethany Avery (828)-358-8189

    Walt & Mindy Shires (980)-241-2834

    Love's Journey and the empty nest

    This group specifically will speak to the couples who are moving into or already moved into the empty nest season or marriage and the many adjustments needed for a fulfilling relationship. They meet the 1st Sunday or each month from 6-8pm in Room 109

    Contacts: Terry and Chris Ann Somers (704)-737-5830

    Love's Journey Cont.

    This group is for those who are in the "second half or marriage". The many changing dynamics in life and long-term relationships will be discussed.  Lasting, loving relationships will be the group's goal. Times and location will be announced soon!

    Contacts: Nathan & Vickie Grooms (704)-473-4777

    Acts 29

    This group meets once a month for fellowship and encouragement! 

    Contacts:  Fred and Robin Goodson : (704)-732-2420 or

    Creative Arts Group

    This group is currently not meeting for the months of July and August 2019.  This group meets the 3rd Monday of every month at 7pm at the church.  This group is learning to worship the Lord and form a community through the creative art forms of visual art, creative writing, composing music, theater and photography or other creative art forms or art. 

    Contacts: Debra Greeson (704)-922-3495  or


    Dwelling Place

    This group meets twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Fridays for discipleship, and to build relationships in an environment for individuals to live out their walk with Christ.

    Contacts: Brack and Donna Rogers (704)-732-8559 or

    Group 212

    This is our 18-20's group that meets every week at 9:45 in Room 109

    Contacts: Ronnie Mercer at (828)-455-8319 or

    Iron Sharpens Iron 

    This is a men's group that meets every Sunday night from 6-8pm in Room 109.  This is a group that discusses how to be a godly man, husband, and father. 

    Contacts: Rick Landers (980)-429-0327

    Beit Yeshua

    This group meets bi-monthly to learn about the Jewish-Roots of Christianinty, study Scripture, observe the Biblical Festivals, and to bless Israel--through prayer, finances and sharing Jesus!

    Contacts: Curtis Loftin (828)-241-2233 or  

    Chuck Anthony (704)-732-1743

    Men's Breakfast

    This group meets every Wednesday morning at 7 am for breakfast at Zipper's and for a time of fellowship

    Contact: Mike Devine (704)-735-1559 ext. 250

    Operating by Faith

    This group meets every 2nd and 4th Friday at the Revis's home. This is a study group for those seeking more of God, by giving him more of themselves, and desiring to experience his presence.

    Contacts: Grady & Debbie Revis (828)-428-0167 or

    Outdoor Outreach

    This group's vision is to encourage and connect with fellow sportsmen, to show the love of Christ by using the outdoors as a platform to reach people.

    Contacts: Chris Tallent (704)-363-4755 or Marty Mincey (704)-913-7193

    Shield of Faith

    This group meets at 6pm the last Friday of every month in the Family Life Center at Covenant Church.

    Contacts: Bobby Sanders (704)-300-1927

    Thursday Morning Women's Prayer

    Prayer group that meets every Thursday morning at in Room 103

    Contact: Frances Crowell (704)-735-3723

    Tuesday Morning Women's Prayer

    Prayer group that meets every Tuesday morning in Room 109

    Contact: Lynda Williams (704)-735-4420

    Creative Dance Group 

    Meets bi-weekly with a similar interest in interpretive dance.

    Contact: Terri Abernethy (704)-735-8951

    J.O.Y. Group

    This group meets monthly and is for adult seniors. Activities include events such as day trips, special lunches, and other outings.

    Contact: Randy Carpenter (704)-922-7888

    Life Unscripted 

    This group meets bi-weekly for prayer, fellowship, and lessons.

    Contact: Steven Liscum (704)-913-4849

    Rediscovering the Gospel

    This group meets every 2nd and 4th Sunday for prayer and fellowship.

    Contact: Thad & Heike Biser (704)-728-7677

    Quilts for Christ

    This group meets every Monday and has a common interest in making quilts.

    Contact: Dawn Cole (704)-530-8988

    Bible Study and Fellowship Group

    We study God's Word and encourage one another in our faith walk. We meet on the 1st and third Sundays of every month at 5:30 pm at our house (2553 Laboratory Road).

    Contact: Dave Herbertson (704)-530-8988