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Just Be

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He grabs her by the hand and twirls her around.  She adores everything about him.  Her heart soars as he admires her and he isn’t afraid to let her know how proud he is to call her his.  The two of them grin from ear to ear as they twirl and sway across the gym.  What a vivid and beautiful glimpse of pure, precious love.  The bond between them is evident, a pure and precious display of true love. 

Watching the pairs at the father-daughter date night last month, I was reminded of exactly how our Father feels about each of his children.  Psalm 103:13 tells us "The Lord is like a father to his children, tender and compassionate to those who fear him."  The fathers on that special night were full of adoration for their daughters.  They doted on them and encouraged them throughout the whole evening.  The girls were uplifted and honored that their fathers found so much pride in the time they had together.  All the fathers needed to love on their girls was time.  They had quality time set apart to spend together.  The Lord is no different.  All He needs is a little quality time set apart especially for Him.  He can not wait to love on you and show you how proud He is to be your Father!

Setting time apart for reading The Word or chatting with God is the most powerful choice you can make.  Not only do we get filled with his love and get to pour our love out on him.  He fills us with wisdom.  He gives us patience.  He refines us. He makes us more like Him! Just like a father and a child,  the relationship can only thrive when it is fed with quality time. 

The weeks that I set ample time apart to sit and listen to The Lord, to let him love me, and share his wisdom with me, I find that I am so much more loving, patient, and kind toward others.   When I let a day go by without spending quality time in His presence and in His Word, I lose it.  I lose my patience.  I lose my kindness.  I lose my most powerful weapon.  I lose my connection with my Father.   Don’t be afraid to sit and be. Just be in His presence. The lawn, the dishes, and the workout can wait.  Just sit with Him and be. 

I have found such joy and peace in allowing The Lord to love on me.  When I take a few moments of quality time with our Father, my day does not automatically get easier.  Things don’t automatically begin going my way.  However, He gives me the ability to find joy in each moment, peace in every situation, and love to share with others.

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