Sunday Connect


Grade Pre-K (Ages 3-5) - Room 115 
Grade K & 1 - Room 117
Grade 2 & 3 - Room 111
Grades 4 & 5 - Room 207


Junior Varsity (Grades 6-8) - Room 205

Taught by Rick and Angie Landers / Looking for Co-Teacher couple

They will explore the Word and Relationship with God through object lessons and studies developed by Rick Landers. Their beginning Study in April 2021 will be based on seeking Spiritual Gifts. 

Varsity (Grades 9-12) - Room 206
 Taught by Grant & Nancy Mosteller / Looking for Co-Teacher Couple


We explore different topics that aid high school students to overcome the obstacles and challenges of live as a teen/high school student. All lessons are based on God’s Word with other books used for reference. Our beginning study for April 2021 with be based on the book Holy Roar by Chris Tomlin and Darren Whitehead that studies “7 words that will change the way you worship”


Spiritual Gifts - Room 110

Taught by Grady and Debbie Revis:


They are teaching the gifts and operation of Holy Spirit. They pick up on topics as led by God and as they teach and put into operation what they have learned. Right now they are deep into who we are in God and Who He is in us and what He desires from us.


Group 212 - Room 109

Led by Aaron Grooms

Reading through the book "Counter Culture" by Chip Ingram

Adult Bible Study - Room 106

Taught by Joe Roseman and Rob Reid Abundant

Life. Study of the Bible.

Ladies Sunday School Class - Room 103

Taught by Linda Creech:

Linda plans to start at the beginning of the study they had begun when we stopped Sunday School last spring. It is an in depth look at the life of Joseph - based on several different books and of course The Word.

Connections - Room 118

Led by: David Creech

Want to become a member of Covenant Church!?  This is a great place to start.  Learn about our values, history and so much more through our Connections class.

Love's Journey - Room 203

Taught by Nathan Grooms

This class explores the challenges of love/marriage/family based on the Word of God and some reference books.

Men's Sunday Connect Class - ROOM 119

Led by Chad Hovis

Intercessory Prayer Connect Class - Room 120

Led by: Denise Beach and Gilda Mervine

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