Hesed House

Local/Foreign Missions & Outreach

The Hesed House of Hope is a non-profit organization and is currently the only homeless shelter in Lincoln County.  It started in 2008 and rotated between 5 area churches. In 2009 we broke ground on our permanent facility.  The new facility opened in 2012 and served as a wintertime shelter!

Our mission is to provide temporary housing to allow an individual to regroup and get back on their feet. During the 2016-2017 we had 101 clients. 56 of those stayed two weeks or less, 89 stayed 90 days or less and 94 stayed 120 days or less.

3 Ways you can volunteer!

  • Meal Service
  • Activity Nights
  • Bed Sponsors

Want to serve?  Contact Staci Brice

704-913-2904 or

Not Sure Where to Serve?

We want to see you involved and serving!  If there are any questions at all or you don't know where to serve, contact us!

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