In House Volunteering

Join us as we bring the light of the world out into our community through recording social media content, inspiring graphics, and a professional livestream on Sunday morning!  

If you have experience with a camera great!  If you don't, don't worry! We will teach you how to use and capture great content like a pro through lots of hard  and training!

FAQ- What will it be like?  What will I be doing if I volunteer?

  • Switching off weeks with other members to help record a livestream on Sunday mornings!
  • Help set up and tear down offsite set shoots (Music videos, bumper videos, testimonies, etc.)
  • Help record music videos on and off site!
  • Growing together and making great friends ! ;)


Not Sure Where to Serve?

We want to see you involved and serving!  If there are any questions at all or you don't know where to serve, contact us!

Help Me Find a Team